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World's Best Cat Litter Multiple Cat Formula 3,18kgYUM PUPPY 35G

YUM ENERGY 90tabl.


NEW - YUM Energy is an energy boosting tablet designed to help your dog replenish their energy stores after exercise.

During intense exercise, your dog's muscles burn up their energy stores of glycogen. This is a critical fuel source that, once it has run out, may affect your dog's ability to perform or exercise to the best of their capability.

For 30 minutes after exercise, your dog's metabolism has the ability to quickly recover their muscle energy stores if fed the right form of carbohydrate. Recent research has shown the most effective way to replenish these stores is to use Maltodextrin, which can be instantly converted into glycogen in your dog's muscles, helping them to stay fresh & focussed, and perform better through the day.


YUM Energy provides concentrated Maltodextrin, together with key electrolytes and proteins, to help your dog's muscles recover during periods of intense exercise.

 YUM Energy Dogs

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